Concrete Masonry

Concrete masonry units or concrete block are a long lasting, fireproof and structurally sound product used in many commercial projects. Though block is often hidden behind drywall or paint, it is an integral part of a building’s strength and safety.

Clients can rely on Ib Jensen Masonry’s expertise in block construction whether a designer’s needs require for load bearing or non-load bearing wall erection. Our experience will guarantee structural walls are built to code and can help contractors find solutions to problems that can arise in the construction process.

Most projects we are contracted for have a mix of block and masonry veneers. However, a few prominent buildings such as The Bow Tower, Centennial Towers, Centre 10 and the National Music Centre were exclusively concrete block construction.

Whether you’re planning on adding a new wall or your existing concrete block wall needs to be repaired, turn to IB Jensen Masonry for the concrete block masonry Calgary residents have come to depend on. As a common choice among industrial and commercial clients, concrete block masonry has many common uses, among them being foundation, basement, partition and exterior walls.

Along with its versatility, concrete block masonry also has many added benefits, including:

Aside from the installation of concrete block masonry, we also believe it’s important to be able to spot common signs of problems with your wall. Having that ability will allow you to call us to address the issue prior to it becoming a larger issue and costing you more money in the long run! Be on the lookout for:

Whether you’ve noticed any of these problems or need to install a new concrete wall, give us a call to schedule service!