Historical Masonry Restoration

Historic Masonry RestorationThe Calgary Fire of 1886 swept through the city and destroyed many of the city’s wooden structures. As a result, city officials drafted a law stating that alllarge downtown structures were to be constructed with Paskapoo Sandstone. Commonly coupled with traditional brick, many of these sandstone buildings are historically designated, and in constant need of restoration and repair.

Ib Jensen Masonry is one of the few certified masonry contractors capable of performing restoration on historic buildings in Alberta. We have done extensive work on protected sites such as Peter Lougheed House, Imperial Bank, and Thomson Bros Block to name just a few.

Our experience in historic masonry procedures has also been extended to modernizations of existing buildings including the Simmons Building in East Village, The Biscuit Block Office and the Carl Safran School which links to the new Calgary Board of Education Headquarters.

As a trusted stone contractor in Calgary, IB Jensen Masonry takes tremendous pride in assisting our clients preserve historical buildings and structures. Unlike providing basic masonry repairs and maintenance for new-age buildings, maintaining the brick and stonework of historical structures requires a great deal of care and understanding of the components involved.

As many historical structures were constructed with mortar consisting of lime and sand, any improper maintenance methods pose the threat of major damages. However, our team has the vast knowledge and experience of historical structures necessary to properly maintain them. What’s more, we are experts in the arena of the unique elements of historic masonry.

Our team will begin the restoration process with a thorough analysis of the problem followed by the application of precise workmanship with the appropriate materials to restore the areas in questions.

If your historical structure is in need of repair, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email to schedule service. We look forward to serving you!