Stone Masonry

Stone Veneer is one of the fastest growing masonry products in architectural design. Natural stone has long been used to give buildings a certain elegance. Today there are many products available both natural and manufactured.

A common misconception surrounding manufactured stone is that anyone can install it. However, there is a lot of expertise involved in ensuring any type of stone is installed correctly.

Ib Jensen Masonry has completed many stone projects in its history. Our experience covers all stone types, whether natural stone such as Tyndall, bedded granite, and rundle; or manufactured stone such as Arriscraft, Eldorado or Shouldice. Wealso have experience in advanced stone cladding systems such as those used on The Mark on 10th. Whatever your stone needs are, we have you covered.

From new construction to renovation, there may not be a better choice for your home or commercial building’s exterior than stone masonry in Calgary. How so? Consider the core advantages:

If you want to be assured that you’ll be able to pass your home on to your kids and have it last for generations as your legacy, stone is the choice to make. Give us a call today to schedule the implementation of your investment in stone masonry.